Behind Closed Doors: Feeling The Pressure

Never Too Experienced

.#26 Never Too Experienced - Feeling The Pressure

Anyone who’s had sex at least once will be able to tell you that male and female orgasms don’t have equal value. Male orgasms are easier to come by, which works out quite well because they also happen to be more moody when they fail to climax. Whereas female orgasms generally take a bit more work but can be mind-blowing and come in multiples.

However, when you watch the movies men and woman are orgasming together left right and center. No foreplay, behind the bins, knickers pushed to one side and no more thrusts than I have fingers. No problem – he and she cum in unison. Maybe the fact Jamie was an actor had something to do with this scenario…perhaps before me he’d only slept with actresses who were equally as keen for a matched ending or was I just supposed to be part of his perfect scene?


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